Week of the Bible


Based on the decision of the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon (APECL) in year 2010, which assets having a yearly Bible week celebration starting from the year 2013, in accordance with the Bible Society and the Biblical Federation, we are pleased to announce the following activities that are going to be held:

Opening Mass



  • Sunday 18 November 2018: At the Souud Church in Dbaye at 6 pm
  • Monday 19 November 2018: Mass at the St. Therese of the Child Jesus church in Sohaili at 7 pm.

Weekly Seminars


  • Monday 19 November: At Saydet El Bechara Church in Mathaf at 7 PM
  • Tuesday 20 November: Federation of Congregations in Lebanon in Jdeideh at 7 PM
  • Wednesday 21 November: Patriarchal Synod in Zouk Mosbeh at 7 PM

Biblical Lectures

The Biblical federation organizes lectures for the occasion in several areas in Lebanon.


Television Programs

Biblical programs on Télé Lumière, Nour Sat, Charity TV and SAT7, from 4 to 26 November.

Catholic Schools

Bible Centered activities in Catholic Schools.

Mass With the University Pastoral Work

Thursday November 22, at 4:15 pm at Antonine School Ghazir.

Youth gathering in Zahle

At the Greek Orthodox Zahle Church at 7 PM

Concluding Conference

Saturday 24 November: Youth Conference entitled “The Bible … Problems and Solutions” at the Patriarchal Synod in Zouk Mosbeh from 4 to 8 pm (dinner included)

Special Offers from the Bible Society

The Bible Society will provide special offers on Bible and testaments during this week and the Biblical federation will present its publications.This invitation is extended to all dioceses, Catholic universities and schools, institutions, apostolic movements, religious orders, campus ministries, fraternities and Christian media.